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Peter Wabbit Nursery School

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Where children learn through play. 

"Peter Wabbit Nursery School is a home away from home, where your child will be loved and taught in the most stimulating environment available."

- Hetty Johnson (Founder)

Children in the Garden

Our Approach

An incredible environment, where learning through play is fun. Gross Motor, Fine motor, sensory, social skills are just a few of the skills we teach creatively and in a fun way. The playground is set up to encourage exploration and fantasy play.

Our program is based on many years of observation and experience within the guidelines of the current Pre-school /Nursery school program. The early developmental years are when children are most receptive to learning, for this reason our learning is geared specifically for the younger child, we have a special perceptual program for 3 – 4+ year olds. While more is expected of the older children our activities are scaled down to suit the younger child.

We are very aware that a child’s first schooling experience forms the basis of their future learning, it is therefore essential to develop self esteem and self confidence in a learning environment. Our school is based on creating a child friendly space in which the child feels relaxed and secure.

Our philosophy is that children learn best through play and exploration. Our curriculum is original and motivating, providing a stimulating, nurturing and encouraging environment.

In addition to developing and working with my own specialised curriculum, I have also developed a playgroup/nursery school program for a franchise group. 

Choose Your Play:

Clamber Club Program

Brilliant program focusing on fine and gross motor skills.

Soccer Program

Wonderful soccer games with Victor.

Music Box Program

Learning to appreciate music, use percussion instruments.

Clamber Club Program

This forms part of our weekly program focusing on fine and gross motor skills, at no extra cost. 

Playball Program Optional Extra

Focusing on all aspects of ball skills. *not available under Covid-19 restrictions

Soccer Program
Optional Extra

Wonderful soccer games with Victor.
*not available under Covid-19 restrictions

Puzzles Program

Wonderful program working at the
child’s level, at no extra cost.

Music Box Program
Optional Extra

Learning to appreciate music, use percussion instruments. *not available under Covid-19 restrictions

Perceptual Program

A well rounded program touching on all aspects of learning needed at this stage of the child’s development, at no extra cost. 

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"Learning through play is our motto, incidental learning through fun activities, games and play zones make each day an adventure."

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Learning Through Play

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Meet the Team

Dedicated & Certified

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Thembi Khumalo



Hetty Johnson

Principle & Founder

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Chessy Mbaso



Ask Us Anything

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Reach Out
Cell: 084 299 5607

School Hours

Monday – Friday
8am – 12h30

*After care option is available

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Visit Us

52 Satara Ave
Gallo Manor
Sandton 2052
South Africa

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